Friday, January 1, 2010



New year to celebrate?? Hmm.. Not for me..

Well.. Starting my day with being awaken up by my dad at 830 in the morning. He asked me when to come back home. And I said right after this ayah.. After I got off my bed. My dad said get ur butt off that bed (he didnt really say this but I know he was trying to say this.) But thx to him. I planned to wake up at 8 and go out off the campus by 9. But apparently I overslept.. Ngee.. Straight after that, I took my bath, and pressed my shirt and get ready to go. Well. I gambled a thing this morning before I got off. I wore jeans. And the jeans is soooo not UIA at all.. I gambled. Got dowm level and watched whether there is a mak guard in front of the gate, and Yippi! Mak guard was stealing bones at that tym. Hahahaha. And I went to block B all alone. Need to topup my num first and need to withdraw money.. After that, I called a cab which I used to take and luckily he's free at that tym.. And I wat at the KTM by 940.. I took the KTM at 950. After 1hour in the KTM and being surrounded with gross smell, at 1050, I arrived at KL Sentral.. Waiting for Putra for couple of mins, I got off to my hometown GOMBAK!! Yippi!!

Arriving Melati at 1130.. Waited for the bus until 12.. I went off to see my BFF.. NUR AMNIAH .. After years of not seeing her.. I missed u like hell!..

PEOPLE! Im independent okay.. My new year was not new year at all! HAHAHA.. No celebration.. but there is resolution.. Well. To be discovered soon.. HEheheh..

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