Saturday, January 2, 2010


On this heavy rainy day.. I still want to post an entry.. Hahahha..

Oh ya.. 1 more thing dat I really forget to write.

On last Thursday, Phye had invited or shud I say ask me to accompany her to go to this one audition of a theater. In IIUM of course. At first I was laughing at her and said : " You r sooooooo drama queen".. And I was like ok la.. I'll acompany u. But will not involve in the audition dat nyte.

Jowi was asked to accompany her also. And so it happened dat the three of us went to the waiting room and sit there. phye took the form. And so did Jowi. And I was like... oh Jowi wanted to be auditioned too. They tried to persuade me to join and I say I didnt want to.

And it soooo happened dat Im interested in joining them to be auditioned. Juz cuz u know. I love this thing ever since I was small. And I was like ok! It was for fun. I didnt really want to join pon.. But ya la kan.. I did the audition. I needed to sing to do a poem and to act.

The funniest part was that in the acting part. the scene was I am a gedik girl who was asking her bf for a new hp. I was assisted by Naza. thx..

Dayang: U.. Tgk my hp.. Buruk dah.. I nak Hp baru.. Boleh kan kan kan?
Naza: ohh.. Nak hp baru.. Boleh2.. Jom tgk2..
Dayang: I nak hp tu u.. Iphone 3g tu.. Murah je u.. ribu2 je..
Naza: huh? ala u.. Hmm u gune la hp u tu dulu .. Buruk je.. Bukan rosak pon..
Dayang: Ala u.... ( sambil hentak2 kaki)
Naza: I belikan la sok k.. U thn la kjap.. Jap je..
Dayang: Ap tahan2?! I dah tak tahan tau tak?!

Hahhaha.. Naza at that tym was like 'ap yg dyg maksudkan'.. And I was like 'can it be bad meaning'.. And we laughed outloud after dat.. Hhahhaha.. Obscene !

To complete the story, yesterday, there was this one text saying Congratulations.. U r chosen to be part of the theater as a supporting role. And I was like hahahahah.. Ok la..

Pengalaman sekali seumur idop. So I did accept the offer. Hhhahah.. Enjoy my acting nanty ya!

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