Sunday, February 14, 2010

This sem VS Last sem

Things are juz so different lately.. EVERYTHING I mean.. Every single thing. Ohh. How I wish I could make tym goes back to last sem. I had great time last sem. Serious shit!!! Pika and Bila.. How we gossiped with each other about every single thing. They knew everything bout me. And I believe that I did know almost everything bout them. I had great lecturers too. Bro Charlie,Mdm Mumtazah and all.. I had great pointer also!! I had the greatest tym!!! I enjoyed every single second..

I had great time when I am nobody. Well Im not saying that I am somebody this sem. Hmm. Last sem, nobody knows me that well except for Pika n Bila n the gang. I am a newbie. Nobody noticed me at all. I moved from PJ. In class, I would talk to only my gang and Nik and Syira. The rest? Naah.. I couldnt even remember their names. Everything changed when I was close to this one particular boy in that class. Bcoz I was close to him, I am known as his 'close fren'. I am happy with him though. Real happy!! Seriously shit!!!!

Things are different this sem. I prefer last sem though. I had great great moment.... Hmm.. How I wish I could make time goes back.. ;(

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