Sunday, February 28, 2010

Love Story

Today my sister shares her love story with me. She has been with someone for like almost 2years now. And now, there is someone. For her. She said that that new guy seems to understand her that much and cares for her more than her own BF. I said to her choose someone that u think that there is no regret for u to choose him. She said jht la aku kalau pilih the new guy. And I said to her jhtke aku tgglkan seseorg untuk seseorg yg lain. She said jht la.

I've been thinking bout this u know. Jahat ke aku ? I am in love with somebody else when I was with someone else. Coz that somebody else treated me like a princess back then. He understands me until now. He always be there for me every single time I need someone. My Bf at that time was too bz with his work n stuff. So, I've told to this particular guy that I dont think I have a BF. He was like.." Takpe dyg.. Teruskan je ngn die. He loves u. U love him kan." I was like so kind of this guy. He was my Dr. Love back then. He tried to solve my problems with my Bf. Until one day he admitted and confessed to me that he likes me. And I was like.. Hmm "I need u more than my BF". I said that in my heart. i said to him 'Jgn letak harapan, kite still GF org , kite jht..'. But then he kept on trying and trying. And my heart wanted him that much at that time. Tapi ye lah. Pikikan my Bf at that time. Tanak la kan. Tapi aku da stat syg die. Aku tanak hilang die. Sampai la 1day ni he asked me to be his GF. Igt lagi. Time tu bulan pose. Berbuke ngn die. Die smoke jap kat lua kete n aku dalam kete. He texted me "Sudi tak awak jd Gf kite?" hahah. So sweet of him kan. I replied "Nak sgt wak. Tapi takleh." He then replied "Takpe wak. Kite sggp." Aku tak jawab. He gave me time to think mase balik tu. He said he will call me. He sent me home. And ask about that and I agreed to b his Gf. 17hb September 2009. But then he said that I am not happy with him bile dah cpl. Pape tah. org happy gile. Pastu the next day die mintak balik to b proper. 18hb September 2009. Our official date la kan. Time tu I was still someone's Gf. 19hb Sept, he came to my house nak anta tudung he bought for me for raye. Kete die accident. so basically he didnt have ant transport at all nak anta. Aku cakap. Takpe la wak. Its ok tudung tuh. Die insist gak nak anta. Naik moto. Ngn kawan die. Tym tu dah ptg. Ujan lebat kat umah aku. Aku risau. Tapi die sampai gak. Dgn basah lencun. Sian die. He gave me a tudung and 2 letters. ;).. Thanks. How u love me at that time. Sian. But that what have he done for me. Many more. He has loved me so much. After weeks, aku pon break off ngn Bf lame aku.

Jahat ke aku? Aku tatau. As I said to my sis, buat pilihan yg kau takkan nyesal. Tu la yg aku wat. Ak pilih tuk cpl ngn die n tgglkan Bf ak sesuatu yg takkan penah aku sesalkan. Even pd tarikh 18hb Feb kitorg break, tp ak tak penah nyesal cpl ngn die. He is my love forever.
I know he loves me that much despite all that have happened. He always wants me to b happy. I am his priority I know. But that is history. Tapi aku takpenah nyesal ngn die. Despite everything yg jd! I wont! and aku sgt bahagie dgn syg die sampai skang. Even aku da tak dapt syg die. Tapi syg die yg dulu2 da cukup byk untuk wat ak hidup.

So to my sis, again.. Buat la pilihan yg kau takkn nyesal. jht tak jht tu kau pk la sendiri. ;)

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