Sunday, February 14, 2010

FAmily First

Years of not publishing any post.. Loads of things happened and yet to happen..

People always said to me family first. Even without frens u can always live ur life with family. I didnt agree at first. I need frens all the time. But now I realize...

Frens are not everything. When u have nobody to trust, family always be there for you. When u are being betrayed by frens, Family always be there for u.. When u fail with ur love story, family always be there for u.. When u put ur 100% trust on ur frens, they will eventually cheat on you. Family is otherwise. Family never cheat, never lie. Family always tell the truth.. I had enough with my so called frens.. I love them tough.

Well.. having said all that... Not all my frens are not to be trusted. There are some of them that reaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllly gud frens.. But I wont name anyone. U know who u are. U do know whether u have been a good fren for me or not. ;)

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