Friday, February 26, 2010

I Swear!

I've tried very hard to forget u. But I juz cant. I am missing u. And us before. I swear I have tried. I have tried to not to remember you n I have tried to hate you. But obviously I cant! I promised you not to cry but I cant. I dont know wht happened to me n what is wrong with me. The conclusion is Im weak. Very weak.

To find a Bf in a month is waaaaayyy impossible! In a short time how can I find love from somebody else. n how can I forget u that fast. How is that possible?! And u said that "Oh.. Simple. To forget me, juz find a new BF. What the....?!!! I mean I need to love that guy more than I love u to forget u. Or else I'll have a new BF but not happy. So, it is the same thing. Juz let me live with ur love some more time. I am happy with ur love. Ya. It does hurt sometimes. But juz let it be. I'll b okay one fine day. For the mean time, I'll b okay if u treat me well. Or else.. I'll be suffering like hell!!

Dayang yg dulu gagah tanpe lelaki, yg dulu takkan menitiskan airmate untuk lelaki da lame takde. Dayang skang Dayang yg sgt lemah dan biakan hidupnye dibayangi kaum yg bername lelaki. ;(

1 comment:

biiLaa beLL's said...

dayang dear..
dah2 la 2 nangesnye..
x elok la...
u hv 2 b strong!..