Tuesday, May 17, 2011

umar zachery .

So, if u dont really know who I am. I would say i am the eldest of 4 siblings. And my mother is the eldest of 12 siblings. So, logically I am one of the very eldest grandchildren of my late grandparents . And another so, I have loads of cousins. Including me, it is almost 40 cousins !! 40 ? Yeah. 40. So I have quite young uncles and aunties. quite. not so young. HAHA. And my lil cuzzies are a lot! Very small. I feel very old. haha. Everyone calls me KAK INA. They are very small u know. Sometimes, I feel like they can be considered as my nieces and nephews. Cz they are too small. I have nieces and nephews in my father's side.

The story goes............ If u ever read my tweet and my FB's status, recently, it is always about this one name. UMAR ZACHERY. Oh. He is my lil cuzzie. Not even a year old boy. he is 6 months old. His babysitter went to Bandung for a week. And we got to jaga him. We as in me, my sis, and my mon of coz. For a week, man! I had fun with this lil boy. He is super damn cute. It is not hard to take care of him. He is simply a good boy.

1 week is over and I miss him a lot. :( . Adik Umar. Rindu bebeh. hehe.

if u ever wonder how Umar looks like. This is him!!! Comel kan. I miss kissing his cute cheeks! :) Muah muah muah adik! :)

Johny johny yes papa eating sweets no papa telling lies no papa open ur mouth a a a. HAHA :)

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Anonymous said...

owh sgt la comel...gerrammm =)