Saturday, May 14, 2011

favourite genre.

If people ask me, what type of movie do I like? I'll answer it with "I just dont like action movies." It's funny , u know. People ask on what u like, u answer it with what u dislike. I just dont really know what type of movies I really like.

The thing is that, I went home and felt like I really need to watch movies and I didnt find much in my sister's lappy. There are less than 10 movies and all is not updated. The only movie that I havent watch at that tym was A WALK TO REMEMBER. And so I watched it.

I just like that movie so much! And so yeah, romantic movies will be my choice. How sweet Landon Carter is! I was just melted by the way he treated his gf, Jamie Sullivan. I know its freaking hard to find a bf like him. Nama pon movie. Very fantasy. Haih. And now, I am dreaming if there is A bf like him in this whole world. All the girls in this world would go and chase for him. Aww. He is super damn sweet man! Arghhh.

I cant just stop thinking about it yet. Seriously. Oh, btw, this is an adaptation from a novel. I must find the book.! I am so lame, arent I? haha. Loser. Lambat gila.

LANDON CARTER, I am seriously in love with you! <3

Shane West, awak sebenarnya macam hensem, :)

So. in conclusion, I would say, romantic movies will do for me. I mean really do! ! Hopeless romantic? Not really. I just like to see people being romantic. I just wont.

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