Monday, March 28, 2011

28th March 2011.

Happy Anniversary!

It has been 9 month since we're together and again it is an achievement! Jyeah. That was hell long. :) Thanks a lot to you though for making it possible. I know u have tried your very best in our relationship. We didnt struggle too much pon to sampai this thp. But ya, he is the best you know in makint it happen! Yeah! :)

To awak...
Thanks untuk banyak sebab. Banyak sangat. The love u have been giving me all this while is beyond enough. Cz u dont juz say it , but show it. U know how action speaks louder than words. :) If u dont say that u love me, i just know it by the way u treat me. Thanks. Terima kasih jugak sebab hemmm (care Aina punya heeeem). I know how am I behaving towards you. I dont treat you that bad lahh. It is just that I know sometimes, i am cruel. Sian awak kan2. huhu. That is a price you have to pay for being a man.! HAHA. I am sorry. After 9 months, paranoid still ada. Haih. Tak tahu bila nak hilang. tapi tapi sebab awak thn dgn org, kita sampai thap nih. Yippi. Kadang2 i wonder till when?? Hmm. I promised you i'll change., I will! tguu okay!. Sepanjang 9 bulan, I am happy with you. Tak penah rasa bosan. :) Jyeah. Tq for sume awak!

p/s : Sorry, harini takde mood. Sian awak terabai. T_T


top_ace7 said...

Geliiiiii. Kah kah kah.

Anonymous said...

sooooo sweet dayang..=)
semoga kekal 4ever & ever k...