Saturday, April 14, 2012

Free Education and PTPTN

So the hottest issue now in Malaysia is that PR would want to abolish PTPTN and serve free education to all the students in Malaysia. Wait. I am not even sure when is the General Election going to be? Well. It's this year for sure.

So these are my opinions on this issue. I'm seeing this as a student and Malaysian. without having any favoritism and biasness towards any of the available political parties in Malaysia. Note that , people.

I would never want to agree with the system of PTPTN . That they students need to pay extra if they were to pay late. Everyone disagrees with this one. Having said that, PTPTN should not be 100% abolished. (mind you that,this is my opinion). I'm not taking the loan and i feel the burden of paying the university's fees. My dad feels the burden. The fee is like RM1000++ every semester. Just imagine. Maybe RM1000 is a small amount for some of you. But for me,it's a lot! So,PTPTN helps the family to pay the fees. It helps you, right? (to those who take PTPTN). So i am saying the system is the one to be studied and not to abolish terus. Kalau lahh anyone in Malaysia can study the system and change it a lil, every student can benefit from it. Contohnya, the students need to pay the exact amount of what they have borrowed. That should be, for me, well okay enough.

Free education. They even said that they wanna abolish PTPTN and serve free education. Well. I agree with the idea. If you can do it,do it lahh. Maksudnya if you find it possible to do it. Buat. I dont mind. Jangan janji kosong je. Nanti habuk pun tadak. Yang merana, student ni ha. Dah abolish PTPTN, tiba2 yuran universiti still sama tggi. Haaa. Kan ke susah. Ye dop?

Yang pergi ikut demo semalam. ramai pelajar - pelajar. Dan kebanyakkannya yang meminjam PTPTN. Use the loan wisely, students. Kalau guna duit PT pergi berjoli sana sini,jangan lah marah bila nak kena bayar balik nanti. Bayar tetap kena bayar. Okay?

Sebagai mahasiswa,it is never wrong to express your thoughts. Provided with we're smart enough to tackle every issue. Jangan ikut perasaan.

-saya bukan peminjam ptptn-

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