Thursday, July 22, 2010

ABC 123

Complex is you and me,
Through all those days, it aint at all easy,
Though it seems to be running smoothly,
I just know it aint easy.
As they say easy is like ABC,
Rather I would pronounce we are 123,
Coz when ABC ends with a Z,
Counting is infinity.
They think we are fire and water,
When I feel we are way better,
For you are the butter,
Completing the bread on the toaster.
When he says 'I need you',
She claims 'I heart you',
They state 'I love you',
I would love to say I am all for you.

Saje2 wat. And secare tak sengaje. TERade kaitan lakk. TAk best pon poem nih. Just nak practice lahh sikit2 kan for poetry class. I have to do an elegy poem. Arghhh! I just hate poetry. Like seriously. Pfft.

Ps: Woi weh weh. Kalau kau nak poem nih, amek lahh. Kire aku bg kat kau lahh. Haha.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"I am all for u"? I need some explanation .