Saturday, July 17, 2010

I am Back With stories.

There are too many things to be shared. Cam dah berkurun dah tak update blog kan. From the very great breaks with Parauks. The Taaruf Week kat Uia Gombak. An evening ngn Ain Af8. My love story. (bosannye) HAhaha.

Ok. My 4-months-sem-break went sooooooooo great. I mean. Having great frens to spent the whole months with makes the break seems so short though. Broga climbing. Kak Nuyun's wedding. Genting. BBq Eps 2. Have spent most of my money to hang out with em. Worth it though. All the parauks. Tq for the memories. Wehheee.

Taaruf week. Ohh. 6th July. Register kat Uia Gombak. The first person that I bumped into on that day is my ex's ex. And I spontaneously said hye to her. We have no reasons now to not be frens kan. Ok. Moving on.. Taaruf week was tiring though. Not enough sleep. And u have to listen to all those talks. And how big Uia Gombak is compared to Nilai or even Pj. From the hall to the mosque. It takes 10mins. Walawey. Gile ke ape kan. But the interesting part was when the cultural perfomances took place. Coooolll!~ Abg percusion hensem woohhh. Haha. Oh ya. Not forgetting tym right after bai'ah ceremony. We are officially a uni student doing bachelors. Wow. Tak sgke uols. Haha. Okeh. Class has started. And almost all subject dah ade assignment! gile. haih. Ohh. I like my BM's and Poetry's lecturer. Gile cool. Hehe. :0

Ok. An evening with Ain. 11 july aritu. Wahh. Bes lahh. Cz get to know Ain lebih dekat gitu kan. Haha. Freak af8 sy?? Agak lah. Ade Mau juge. Sampai paling awal ok. Games , performances. bes. Makan. Snap pictures. Ain n Maumau bes. Mic yg Ain pgg selalu dihulurkan ke sy. Wahh gtew lahh kan. Kate diva mic. Hahaha. Balik paling lambat. Kalau takde kelas soknye, konpem sy join dorg lepak2 minum ptg tuh. Lepak semeje ngn Maumau. Borak2. tgk Ain n maumau gado manje. Sweet doh! Hhahahahha. Oh Mau ade pesan supaye blaja rajin2 d uia tuh. Wehe. Ok mau.!~ Ain, santek. !~

Love story?? Hmm. Takde ape yg menarik. Haha. No no no. My love story is somethng to b kept within me n him only. Privacy katenye, HAHA!~ (padehal malas nak tulis pasal kau.) :))

Till then! :)

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kucingGEMOK said...

pergh...beruban janggut tunggu post baru. mmg fengtau ar jumpe ain af8. kipas-susah-mati af8 sunggoh. wakakaka. congrats on being a bachelor student. kne cpt2 kejar nieh. haha.