Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Im not a good fren though....


karma.. I alwiz commented on people.. isy.. She's not good as fren..

But alwiz forget to ask myself whether or not I am a GOOD FREN?!!

Bullshit!!! Im a bad fren.. I let my fren to feel down because of me..

WTF!! Sorry..

Nur Syafiqa Ismail.. I know U love me.. n I do love u 2..

I never forget u as u r my first fren kat nilai ni.. Never for me to forget dat..

After reading ur blog bout me, wut shud i feel?

I feel guilty n feel dat im no good in being a fren though..

Sorry.. I do feel the gap yg kite ade skang agk besar compared dgn before..

Where we share everythg together..

Well.. I do like wanna share my thgs kat u n I still do pika..

Serious shit I tak tipu yg I syg u..

Sorry.. Im the one who changed a lot..

N bcz of dat la kite jd cani.. But kite ok je kan

We're still like before, pika..

I love u as my fren.. Serius ak tak lupe korg even ak ngn dorg..

Ak happy ngn korg.. Ngn dorg pon ak happy..

Lain happy ak ngn korg ngn happy ak ngn dorg..

Sorry pika for eveythg.. I didnt mean to hurt u at all!! Love u..


syAfI said...

me too...
i xblame you kan....
sometimes i rser i yg jaohkn diri..
sbb i jeles..
tu jewk..
tp i dooo love you syg..

My words keeper said...

i love u tooo * ttbe je *

si ngeng. said...

i love you more!! *lagi tibe2 je. haha*

dayang ina said...

phye gilo=jowi gilo=ak pon gilo same hahaha

bLaCkBoNe said...

eh..aku yg x bersalah ni pon kne ckp gilo??