Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Shud I Feel?


Hmm.. Nothing much to say..

Jiwe kacau lorh.. n I dont even know why..

I feel like yelling pipel!!

I juz want to get mad n angry wit all people I know..

N they dont do anythg dat may hurt me pon..

Wats wrong wit u dayang?

Mud swing? Pms? Impossible la..


Wonder y? Serious shit I hate dz kind of feeling.. mencik..

Tbe2 nak marah org..takde kije..

How can u understand people when u cant understand urself!!

So obviously, u totally CANNOT understand people around u.

Arghh..What the hell is this..

I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate when I barely understand people..


Asal ni dyg?

hahah.. gilo?

GOD, help me to understand myself..

Why shud i have dz kind of feeling though..



si ngeng. said...

dayang mengamok??huhu. aku nak tgk lah cane die ngamok. haha

dayang ina said...

hahaha.. oiiii.
ne de ngamok.. jiwe kacau je le..