Friday, January 7, 2011


Hello 2011.

Im reaching 21 this year. Soo old but yet too young to be old. :) People will talk about their resolutions when it comes to new year. But i dont wanna talk about it yet though. i dont finalize my new year resolutions yet. will gonna do it soon. haha.

I stalked some old frens' pictures just now. One is married and the other one is engaged. Yg married tuh is my senior from my high school. She's 22 years old. And yg engaged tu is my schoolmate and classmate dulu. She's obviously 21 years old this year. Congratulations to them!

The thing is that. When i look at us, we are like so farrr behind. I mean. we are serious in building our relationship but yet we realize that to be married or even engaged, that is soooooooooooooooo not now. HOWEVER, im jelous . i wanted to get married and engaged. i want to have the kenduri telling everyone that im all him. HAHA. Sound funneh. It is just that i cant wait to have such big day! *sabarlah hati. die tak mmpu lagi nak tanggung kau. haha.

Oh yeah. We are heading to our 7th month anniversary at the end of the month. It is a wow! I mean the longest relationship i have ever had so far. HAHA. Loser kan. I am trying to maintain it as long as i can. i mean. we can. It is all depend on him i think. If he can bare with me, then our relationship is a success. Bcz i am the problematic one. Admit that. :) Sorry lahh. Kadang2 tu kene lahh gaduh. HAHA. Baru cerie sikit hari kite.

p/s : ohh. die tegur "pakai tudung tu labuh sikit lehh. jgn nak singkat2 sgt". *sentap sekejap! tp lepas tu tersenyum. :) thank you . bile die yg tegur cam pelik kan. huhu. i thought die suke pompuan seksi. haha.

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