Thursday, January 20, 2011

The highlights.

I was having a very hectic week last week. And so do this week. So much things to do. So many things to attend. The workshop. The meetings of ELITS. The halaqah. And so many more. I was damn tired and exhausted.

The highlight of last week...??? Oh. The workshop of course. The theatre workshop. It was very intense physically and mentally at first. At the end of the day, I enjoyed it. :) Only for something that bothered me soo much at that time. The thing is that we got to do Medea as our play. Somehow and somewhat I felt very connected to Medea. Basically, the play is all about Medea's husband is stolen by someone. Only then , I realized that 'ohhh. ade kene mngene dgn aku ke'. I mean like selame bace Medea nih tak penah plak terase. Tapi on that workshop tuh cam sentap kejap. Was I stealing someone's BF last tym?? Hmm. I dont know what to say. I was being manipulated. Manipulated with what ...?? Ohh. You should have known. All I know was that he was no longer anyone's bf at that time. And so am i still considered as someone who is stealing someone's bf.? Like frankly speaking, terasa gak lahh. Tapi bile pikir2 balik, I just think I am not. I am not kot. Tah lahhh. Jahat gile aku kann nak rampas merampas nih. Tapi I am just saying. Huhu. I am sorry if u think I am. Like seriously, I dont wanna have any problems with anyone anymore. I have had enough long long tym ago. If really I was that bad, I think I've got my karma. And now i am living in the happiness. The history lingers around no matter how bad u wanna forget it. Urghhh. But the thing is not bothering me any longer. :) I think I was a victim too. U know what I mean.

Another highlight was the ELITS meeting. HAHA. I am one of the main board. Assistant je. But then we have given a task. Each bureau was given an event to be handled. And and we have to be the PM and asst PM. I am not excited at all!! Like seriously shit. A big big task to handle an event. But once u are in, u are in!!! U have to deal with it. Even my head com also was wondering how are we going to do this.? and we actually have picked this sem's event which will be held after the mid sem break. Freaking soon! :((( And so I am still searching for my team. Great team. So that our event will be even greater. :) Aminn. :)

p/s : Oh. Everyone is still keep telling me I am thinner. Am I? Ohhh. Suke suke suke ; HAHA. :)

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