Saturday, January 8, 2011

Guitar and Ain. An Admiration.

Hello people! Now. Updating .

I have been thinking of learning to play guitar like long time ago. when my parents bought my adik a guitar during his birthday. At that tym, he was very into learning how to play it that he even borrowed it from a fren. And that's y my parents decided to give him one.

Unfortunately, his passion of playing it sgt kejap. Lame2 , gitar tuh dibiarkan berhabuk. I feel like playing it each time i look at it. The thing is I cant. And being good in art is something that i wanna be eversince. I love dancing, singing, and acting. I've tried all those. And im loving it. I just want to complete the art stream with playing at least an instrument! I was very into piano long long long tym ago. But now, guitar is my choice. Seeing people plucking guitar makes me amazed. and i have this thought in my mind, "if only i can pluck it melodily"

Classical Guitar. Gitar kapok the one that
i have.

How cool she is with the guitar!

Oh Ain, I really want to be like you, dear!!!! Soo cool of you.

p/s : Hey! im waiting for that moment . u promised me to teach me how to play.!
p/s/s : Ain!!!! Sorry for using ur pics. :) I just adore you so much.

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