Thursday, January 20, 2011

Money money money!~


Everyone is searching for money. For the same reason. To make life better. Yeah. With money, our lives should have been better. A fact that we cant run from. It is not being materialistic. But realistic in fact. How can u actually live without money nowadays?? Dulu mungkin boleh. But now you even have to pay 20 cents just to pee. What the heck.? And if u guys notice, Ringgit Malaysia kite too small value. I mean, if u r going out with rm50 in ur pocket, kejap je dah habis. rm50 dah macam 50 sen. No matter how much u want to keep it, at the end of the day, rm50 tuh habis jugak. tambang/minyak dah rm10. makan dah rm10. yg lain2 lagi.

My family is not that rich nor that poor. We are in moderate. Alhamdulillah. Allah gives us enough food to eat. A good house for us to shelter. It is just that..... Kesian kat my parents. They work ver hard just to make sure we have something to eat. Maybe because i am the eldest , im quite sensitive on this issue. We are not that rich to not have full loan from PTPTN. And it is hard though to get scholars. Studying in the university is costing much enough. Even my sister tak dapat any loan. and she is studying at a private college. My brother is having his driving classes. and my lil brother is still schooling. Tolak tolak sume, bape sgt lahh duit ayah n ibu untuk dorg sendiri. Thinking of that, I'll cry. They sacrifice many things for us. Nak mintak duit pun, takot. Bukan sebab ape.. Kesian kat ibu n ayah. Huhu. Kadang2 tu nak gak shopping2, beli barang yg kite suke, keluar tanpe ade kekangan wang. Tapi bile pikir balik, baik lahh duit tu p untuk adik2 pulak. So, bile kawan2 shopping, tgk je lahh. Huhu. Bukannye taknak beli barang baru. Tp rasenye itu kehendak bukan keperluan. Dalam hati tu sentiase berdoa supaye Allah berikan rezeki lebih sikit untuk ibu and ayah. Bukan tak bersyukur. Sangat bersyukur. Bukan teruk sangat pun. Duit ade. Cume tak leh membazir.

Untuk itu, ade hikmahnye. Allah bg aku kuat dalam ape jue keadaan. Been in a hard situation. *takde lahh hard to be compared dgn org lain tuh. But still. I know and I am very certain. Allah is fair. Maybe if He is giving us more than we need, we may forget Him. So thats the hikmah. Bia kite dekat dgn Allah. Itu kan lebih afdhal. kalau byk duit, mest byk membazir dan buat bnde2 lagha selalu. So, bile takdelahh kaye sgt, kite beringat. Nak kua pon berkire. Supaye duit tu disalurkan ke tempat yg betul. :)

Point of having this entry??? HAHA. Takleh nak apply MARA loan. Cet. UIAM is not in their list of universities. Hmmm. Geram pulak saye. :(

p/s: Dont be a slave of money. Let money be our slaves.! :) Yeah!

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