Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Feel Offended.

After weeks weeks weeks of having fun and not crying, yesterday, tertumpah lagi air mate ini. Haha. Drama queen. Quite teruk. Dah lame tak nangis seteruk tuh. Am I being over sensitive over here?? I dont know. I just felt offended. I still am.! Bukan takleh bawak gurau. Bukan tak leh kene bhn. It is the matter of who is doing the bhn2 stuff. Cz b4 diz I was known, pompuan kental lah. Kene bhn teruk mane tu, I will be like.. Whatever u wanna say lahh. Like I care. But yesterday, the other way round happened. I juz feel offended! Thats all. Or maybe lately nih, my sensitive part has gone higher than ever. Tp bile Azran@Shaiton tu bhn aku, aku ilek je lagi. Gelak je lagi. Ya . I think It is the matter of who is bahaning. I dont care if anyone else makes fun of me. BUT NOT HIM!. I mean. Nak bhn boleh. Nak kutk leh. BUT PLZZ IM BEGGING. Dont let me know ape bnde yg dibhnkan. Cz it hurts. It is.

I am sorry if I am being soooo sensitive and stuff. But this is me. Sensitive is me actually. T_T

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kucingGEMOK said...

guud la tu. at least it shows dat u're still human. jgn telebey sudah. haha. emo! :P