Monday, May 24, 2010

This Is For You, WMKS.

Ohh. Nothing bad to write dont worry.

U told me u r going to UK to further study. U confirmed it couples of days ago. Rase?? Sedih. Sgt. Mmg if awak ade , kite takkan meet up lg i know. But at least u r in Malaysia. UK is too far. Huhu. Tapi takpe Im happy that u r to further ur study.

I just wanted to say thankz for everything. Before and after declare. Before and after breaking off. U helped me out for many things. U cared for me before. I was happy when I was with you. Even , at times, we had crisis. I lived with ur love before. Thanks for last year's birthday party. I wont forget that. never. A moment to be remembered . Birthday paling best dalam hidup kite so far. Thanks for meeting me up with ur family. Tu pon one of the most happiest things in my life. I love each and every one of them . Selalu rindu. Thanks for ur love before. Thanks for the care. Thanks for the advices. Thanks for the memories that I had with you.

And sorry... For everything. Sorry that I might be ur worst gf ever. Sorry for all the things that I have posted in blog or FB. Sorry that I might be ur biggest nytemare. Huhu. Sorry for everything. Sorry if I couldnt understand u before as much as u expected me to. Sorry if I pushed u too hard. Sorry if I hurt you. Sorry for everything I might say.

Gudluck kat UK. My pray is for you. I wish u all the best!

I know somehow we cant be frens. Dont know why. BUt we tried. I tried my very best to be. But we cant. And we wont. When u say we wont, huuhu. Hmmm. But still u r my ex. My memories with you are with me always wherever u are. If this is a way to avoid from arguing. Accepted! We wont be frens. Something u promised me before. But its ok. Im cool.

Take care. I wont say dont forget me. Its up to u if u want to. Juz take care and study hard. I know u can do it.


p/s: If u dont like this post, text me. I'll delete it. TQ.


Anonymous said...

jg delete awak. biar ini menjadi bukti kenangan betapa suci dan murni nye cinta awak kepada dia :(.

.d.a.y.a.n.g. said...

huhu. tq. dulu i was always thinking nape lahh org lain leh nmpk how much i love him. sedangkan die tak nmpk. bile pk balik tape lah. huhu. tade jodoh. at least ade pengalaman syg org gile cani. hahahha. cam org gile pon ade. :))

Anonymous said...

to love some1 doesnt mean we hav 2 b wit him/her ...

BUT to love some1 means to let him/her b happy n blessed always, be it with us or others...THAT is true love ...

to love some1 is NEVER abt telling the whole world how much we love them, or how much we have done, but it's abt HOW MUCH u can keep things between JUST d 2 of u ...

Good luck in finding d person u need .. (cuz d person u wan, may not b d person u need!)

so, sleep on it, think it thru, u'll be fine ... may God blessed u, always ...

.d.a.y.a.n.g. said...

Thankz! Cant agree more with u. yup u r right. the person i want is not necessarily the person i need. hmm. i'll be just fine. i know. he will be too. :)

thanks again whoever you are. appreciate it so much.

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