Sunday, May 23, 2010

You, yeah. YOU!

I dont know if I did anythg wrong but it seems that u wanna be away from me. Sorry, I feel offended cz before this we were quite close. U didnt treat me as if u want to be frens with me pon. Nape.?? I m sorry if I did wrong. I truly am.

If u really wanna be away from me. FINE! But before that tell me why u wanna do that?! Penat pk ape salah. Tbe2 jadi cani. Rase cam tak bes. when dulu u care, skang, u dont wanna talk to me pon. Ape nih.? U r my.... Hmm. Sedih. I tot u dont want me to be sad. Surprisingly, u have made me sad!

Plz.. Im begging. Dont leave me clueless.


kucingGEMOK said...


.d.a.y.a.n.g. said...

haruslahh! haha. sedih tau. :(

kucingGEMOK said...

sedey lg tak skg ni? tu la...lenkali jgn nakal lebey2... :)

.d.a.y.a.n.g. said...

tak! hehe. baik bos! sorry :)

kucingGEMOK said...

aite. guud call baby doll~

am sori tOo~ i'll treat u cotton candy nxt time ok? :)