Saturday, April 24, 2010


Aku tersepit antare 2kawan yg aku syg sgt. Just tell me what to do. And I'll do whatever u ask me to do. Im sorry. Thats all I can say now.

Aku tau kau akn muak, meluat dgr sorry aku.

Ok ,,

I'll be away. Away from both of you. BOTH. I know if ever Im awaying pon, the scar is still in your heart. It still hurts kan. I know. Aku tatau nak watpe. I'll be away..... Away dr die and away dr kau. If that will make u feel better and not crying. I'll do! If that will make you forget things, I'll do. If that can make you forgive me, I'll do. But I just know, you wont forget.

Sorry that I have to make this. A desicion has to be made. And this is my desicion. Fullstop.