Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why do??

Kenapa lah ade lagi syg ni untuk die. Kenapalahh perlu lagi aku kesah pasal die. Kenapa lahh susah aku nak lupekan die. Kenapa?!! Its killing me. It hurts. I thought the hurted heart will heal in a short time. Nah!! Tak pon. Fuhh.

Hate the fact that I still love him when he doesnt. I still care for him when he doesnt. I still miss him when he doesnt! Dayang.. Get a life. Dont love someone who doesnt love u, doesnt care for u,doesnt miss u and doesnt even remember who u were to him before. He is living his life happily. Takkan kau nak sedih2 lagi kan3. HUHU. :))

ohh. it has been 2 weeks that I dont hear anything from him and about him. I juz hope he is juz fine. If u read this. I JUZ HOPE U R OK N IN A GUD CONDITION. I bet u r. Thats all/\.