Monday, April 19, 2010

Frens, Stay away from me.

Im lost. I dont know what to do like I can do a thing.
If I can turn the time back. The first thing I wont do was :


My pointer was better, ya!
But serious shit. Is my life better ? No.
Problems teach u how to b strong bla bla bla bla bla... So many thngs I've been thru. Am I stronger. Hell no!

Im sorry to those whom I have hurt badly. I didnt have the intention to do so.
I tried to b a very gud fren. But obviously I cant. I dont want to betray my own fren. Fren as in real fren. Thats the last thg to do.

I am sorry. I know u r annoyed with my sorry. But what else I can do. What else? I dont thnk I hv lied to you. I told you the truth. Sorry is not enough. I know. U know what. I am the loser over here. I am. I lost my bf. My close fren who might has been away from us cz of me. Now, Im about to lose you. I dont want to lose you, fren. I love you. I care for you. Yes. I did somethg that I am not supposed to do. I dont have intentions. I dont betray you. But its ok if you still consider me as your betrayer. I understand your feelings. Understand.

Org kate Dayang baik.
Think back. Aku banyak kali kate aku tak baik. Aku jht. Sgt jht. Kawan2. Stay away from me. I dont want to hurt any of my frens' feeling anymore. I feel bad. Real bad.

STAY AWAY FROM ME. Just stay away from me.

I am still sorry.