Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For Him Too.

Okay. I want this post to help both of you. Like seriously. I hope it helps.

If ever you read this, she's not on any side. She is just trying to give me spirit that I have lost. That is all. She always texted me saying she misses you. Like crazy. She cares for you. I am truly sorry that I might be the reason why you guys are like this. I dont want it to be this way. Yes.! I have probs with you. You have probs with me. You and me. There is no one else involved. If you ever notice, after she wrote the post, I have deleted the hateful posts of mine. She actually in a way has made me realize how rude I was to you. How harsh I was to you. You shud thank her for the post as I texted you saying I am sorry. She is not on anyone's side. She tries to be neutral. She is never on my side. Sumpah! I know. I know when people are on my side. She isnt.

My posts are meant to be my posts. I said in the next post that I dont wanna share anything about you with my frens which are ur frens too. Dorg akan tersepit. See! This is what happened. I dont want this to happen. Am writg post in the blog cz I have no one to talk to. NO ONE! It so happened to be she responded to my posts. In a way, she said to me, stop hating you. Which I did! Look at the postive side my dear. Jalan tgh lah die amek tuh.

I dont mind if ever u dont wanna be frens with me anymore. Like seriously, skang ni dah tak kesah dah. She is my fren which is urs too. I hope things can be solved. Be frens!

Cukuplah kite dah putuskan satu persahabatan dan silaturrahim antare kita. Dgn yg lain tuh, kite kukuhkanlah k.

Hopefully, u read this. I hope it helps! :))

P/s: Frens, if ever bace post2 aku yg ngarut2 tuh wat bodo je. Aku kan suke meroyan. Korg cam tatau. Hahahhahahah!

I really dont want things like this to happen. Be frens plz. I know u will! :))
Put ur smile on your face my dear.. You will be alright. :)