Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Let The Time Heals.

I am all alone. I am lonely. I dont have anyone when u guys share things with ur loved ones. I hv nobody.

My ex left me all alone. He lives in a gud life. Let him be.

I am the single lady. The one and only single lady remember?

When u guys have someone to text to, I dont have anyone. My hp was in silent mode. I didnt put it in silent mode though. To portray how silent my life was.

I searched someone to talk to. And we became closer than ever. Until I didnt realize that I might have hurt my own fren's feelings. But at least , my phone is not silent anymore. I have my own company. Even though, we are just frens. WE ARE JUST FRENS! Though the texts that u hv read sounded so not frens. But we are.

Yes. I love him. U love him. He loves us. We are all frens. I know u r hurting. I am hurting. But tell me what else I can do to fix things? I really dont know wht to do. So, i think its better for all the three of us to let the time heals. Heals everything. Every scars that u have in your heart now. Every guilt that I feel now. Everythg that he thinks he feels now. Juz let the time heals.