Monday, April 12, 2010


I just read this one post that is really offensive. I mean, ya.. I know it has nothing to do with me. But I try to think for both side. The one who is posting it and the ONES who are being talked about in that post. For both sides, Im not that close pon. But ya. They are frens. Very old frens!! Which I know every single thing about them. Where they stay. Whose their siblings are. Enough of that. I juz want to talk about the post. i am not being one-sided!

The post is offensive. In a way that she talked bad about them physically like she has the perfect body shape and face ever. Or in harsh words, like she is smocking hot. Motive?? Jealousy. Jealous cz someone she was close to before is close with someone else. And that someone else tu pon is her fren. the thing is she is being so freaking childish. If u r jealous cz u think that that someone stole them from u, juz stole them back. I mean. get their attention back. Not by posting offensive post that everyone in this whole world cud read it. Yeah. She didnt mention a name. But still, we know who r u talking about. In details.

We are twenty. Stop being a high-school-drama-queen-she's/he's mine-not yours kind of girl. We share our friends. So that we can be frens with many people. That is the most important thing, girl!!

Buang segale hasad dengki kau. Baru hati tuh bersih. Ok kawan??

She's also the one who is not satisfied and talked bad bout me for getting highest Eng mark in class like I didnt deserve to get one. Oh I know she has the best Eng proficiency. And so what??. I mean we were in the same gang that time. U were my backstabber. So, stop saying people are backstabbing u when u did the same thing.! :))

Im sorry if I did sound one-sided! :))