Monday, April 12, 2010

Mat Jambu.

Mat Jambu is back in my heart!!! Heheh. I like him BACK! Juz cause he is now always onlining I guess. Hahhahaha. Ohh. Maybe, a new move is that we might go out together. Hahaha. Da lahh tak rapat sgt kan. Takpe. Its not that only the two of us je pon. Ade yg lain2 gak. Cant wait. Bile tatau. A date to be confirmed soon. Very soon!! Breath in. Breath out. Hahaha. :))

To my surprise, he has sense of humuor!! Haha. I thought he is one of those very geek-bookworm-not-a-girl-frenly type of boy. But talking to him, he is not!! He is cool!!.

Hey, he is not that bad at all okay! :))

"Wa nmpak je cam gengster, tp dalam hati wa ade taman lahh! "