Monday, April 12, 2010

My Ex.

I ym-ed with my ex before wan. Tatau nape rase cam nak nanges. He still nice to me despite the thing I've done to him. Cz he is really a nice guy. He didnt do anything wrong to me. Until now. He cares for me until now even it has been ages that we didnt contc with each other. But he concerns. I do concern bout his knee and the injuries that he might have. He is so active and passionate about his game. Haih. I know the knees are getting worse and worse in times. Coz u juz dont know how to take care of it. U juz want to win the game kan?? Hahah. As long as u dont need an operation, it wll be fine with me. Coz if i ever heard u hv to operate, that's it lahh. Its time for me to bebel lah kat kau kan. Haha. Degil sgt. Suh stop tanak nak main gak.

Ohh ya. Dulu.. When we were together, we have this plan tau. When I enter Gombak, kitorg cam nak p pasa malam same2. Since he studied kat sebelah UIA tuh je. Hahah. He asked me bile nak masuk . And I said bulan 7. Hmm . Takjadi la nak dating! hahha cz die abes degree by bulan 5 nih. Gudluck wehh!! Aku tau kau bolehh! Kau la mamat paling rajin blaja yg aku penah tgk. Strive for the best. Pastu keje, kumpul duit sikit, pastu kawen lahh. Hehhe. :)). I care for you! Remember that! :)) Thx for being so nice to me. U have made me laugh! :)) Still. Imy!

Cant you be like my other ex-es?? Ohh. You juz cant cz U R THE MOST CRUEL BF I EVER HAD!