Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It is confusing. Why is it if it comes to feeling, we tend to b stupid and blind and everything that makes us even more confused?!!! We cant think. We cant do the right thing we should do. We lost our control.

That is when all of these conflicts occurred. I was just feeling ok without him until these stuff came in. They said dont think too much about it. How can I?? It is about me and people whom I love. How can I ??

Conclusion : Appreciate whatever that is in front of you.

Wan, I know u r having ur happiest moment in life. Im sorry that I was too harsh . I have texted u this. U didnt reply. Dont worry. I expected that. No heart feeling. I dont know what's the point im writg this. But I juz want you to know I am still sorry. For what I have written. Hope, u do understand why am I acting like those. I just want to close the old stories and open the new one. Even if it is not with you. Accepted! I dont belong to you. And you definitely dont belong to me. Ever!!